EnergyWeek Morocco 2018

The Africa Renewable Energy Forum took place as part of EnergyWeek Morocco - an annual meeting point to discuss the progress of regional energy projects in North & West Africa.

EnergyNet hosted two separate investment meetings the Gas Options: North & West Africa and the Africa Renewable Energy Forum to explore opportunities for gas and renewable energy project development. 


The Africa Renewable Energy Forum

A platform to drive development of renewable energy projects in North & West Africa

The Africa Renewable Energy Forum explored unique opportunities in North & West Africa’s renewable energy sector, accelerating investment in clean energy and infrastructure projects to achieve economic growth and industrialisation. 

This Forum brought together Energy Ministers, government representatives, heads of utilities, regulators, leading investors, power developers, technology providers, financiers and multilateral agencies. Energy leaders used this platform to highlight their commitment to drive forward renewable energy projects within the region and shared strategies for energy development. 

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Last year's meeting

Our previous edition in 2017 brought together 200 senior stakeholders from 32 countries – including 12 from North & West Africa - to explore practical solutions on clean project financing, climate-smart solutions, and innovative community-owned projects. As developing sustainable energy sources remains a top priority for Africa, what strategies are North & West African nations putting in place to reach their sustainability goals? Where do the largest opportunities lie for developers and investors in 2018?

Watch the highlights from the Africa Renewable Energy Forum 2017

North & West Africa’s renewable energy landscape in 2018

Recent estimates from IRENA indicated US$32 billion would be required each year from 2015 to 2030 to fully exploit Africa’s renewable energy potential. 

Project partnerships between governments, international organizations and private investors can unlock new investments in renewable energy, boosting national grids and vastly expanding access to reliable electricity.

With many North & West African countries harbouring significant untapped renewable energy sources, vast potential exists for the continued development of and investment in renewable power projects. Ambitious goals have been set by governments to increase renewable energy generation, such as Morocco’s targets of achieving 52% clean energy from sources such as solar and wind by 2030, or Nigeria’s vision of renewables accounting for 10% total energy consumption by 2025.

Milestone projects are now driving forward this momentum, such as Morocco’s 580MW Noor Ouarzazate IV power station, scheduled to be fully commissioned by October 2018, or Senegal’s 29 MW Senergy 1 solar PV plant – currently the largest solar farm in West Africa.




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